"Professional Movers, Serving The San Francisco Bay Area"

Flagship Movers
PO Box 528,
Sausalito, CA 94966
Attn:Greg Kurtz
[email protected]

Ultimate personal care for your belongings and you! We never combine shipments and stack clients. It's all about YOU when working with flagship movers. Plus our unsurpassed spatial ability to carefully , move, handle and pack your things with utmost efficiency will save you money, time and energy and grief! We have little to no turn over in our staff, so each crew member is an expert! Talk to anyone of us on the job and get the right answer every time. Our huge variety of services makes us unique as we pack and unpack, assemble furniture and appliances, assist in decorating and space saving tips, haul away debris and donations. Our goal is to set you up at your new home and get you up and functional asap. FLAGSHIP MOVERS are your guardian angel during the difficult time of moving! Call us for prompt service when you need to get out of Dodge.

Greg Kurtz

Greg was branch owner and managing director of The Sultans Of Schlep from Jan 2012- Jan 2013.